Holiday Memories

Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of my favorite holidays.  They are sweet reminders of my childhood. Thanksgiving brings to mind memories of my grandmother’s kitchen and her and my mother’s cooking.  Being in the kitchen with them- helping them, smelling and tasting everything.  The crazy thing is neither of them really taught me how to […]

One is the Magic Number

Being a single woman has its benefits.  You don’t have to gain consensus on what movie to watch, what radio station to listen to or what to cook for dinner.  You can go to sleep with no makeup, and a scarf on your head, your favorite thick socks and those pajama bottoms with the holes […]

bucket list

A bucket list- /ˈbʌkət ˌlɪst/ (n) – a list of things to do before one dies or “kicks the bucket“- thus the bucket reference.  I believe everyone should have a bucket list.  I think it’s nice to have a wish list or something to aspire to- you never know- some of it could happen! My […]

neat freak

I blame my parents for my self-diagnosed OCD.  My mom would iron her slips and my jeans- my dad would always say “put things back where you get them.” I remember he used to label everything with his initials- “W.K.E.”.  My brother has a label maker too, for tools in the garage, his guns and […]

APPSolutely! 8.6.17

In this post I will share my favorite apps.  Look for a new date on the post when I add new entries.  Try them out- download to your phone, tablet or computer and have at it! Let’s list the obvious ones first: Instagram– get lost in the expansive list of celebrities, authors, writers, musicians and […]

lightbulbs & sunflowers

One of the hardest things as a parent is to allow your child to learn life lessons for him/herself.  This means letting go and allowing them to make their own decisions, face the consequences and hopefully learn from their mistakes and not repeat them.  I can be a helicopter mom more often than my daughter […]

hide and seek

My father passed when I was nine years old.  Prior to his death, he was the head of our house.  My mom stayed at home with me from birth until I went to school, and if I did anything wrong during the day she would literally say “Wait until your father gets home.” When he […]